Getting in touch with the networks
15 décembre 2021 -

The first year of the project provided an opportunity to promote mutual understanding. The project team wanted to understand how to best support municipalities in the implementation of their SECAP measures. The municipalities wanted to understand what the project is about and how they could benefit from the “Learning Municipality Network” approach.


A look back at the first year of the project.


  • 1st step: analysis and assessment of existing SEAPs and SECAPs in the municipalities. Action plans proved to be radically different in format, scope and ambition. Recommendations on elements that can help a successful implementation have been shared with the local partners and the municipal stakeholders. A collection and harmonization of the local energy and climate targets showed that most targets for 2030 and 2050 were not set, especially for renewable energy and energy efficiency, while many of the targets set were not in line with national and EU targets.


  • 2nd step: data collection to have a starting point for the monitoring within the PATH2LC project. It turned out that the necessary data is often missing or difficult to obtain. However, once the data is gathered, surprising insights can be gained.


  • 3rd step: interviews with the network operators and decision-makers of each participating municipality to find out about their needs. One result was that the most important stages to be considered on the way to SE(C)AP measure implementation are: 1) Human Resources 2) Decision structures 3) Financing and regulation 4) Stakeholder involvement 5) Execution and 6) External factors. Find out more in the published paper.

Meanwhile several discussions and activities took place at local level to grow together.