P2P learning session #2 : May 11th
5 mai 2022 - Event

The second peer-to-peer learning session of the PATH2LC project will take place on May 11th 2022.

This session will be organized by Energy Cities. It will aim to discuss ways how cities can back renewable energy communities!



Energy communities are one of the key elements for achieving the EU’s energy transition. By 2050, half of Europe’s citizens could be producing up to half of the EU’s renewable energy. The contribution and the role of local and regional authorities in changing the power dynamics of the energy market is crucial: influencing who plans, owns, controls and benefits from the new energy infrastructure and technologies. Over the last few decades, local governments have shown that they can have a transformative effect in enabling new business models, changing the way the energy system is governed by encouraging a more direct participation of local communities.

Local and regional authorities can support community energy dynamics in various ways: involving an entire district in changing the energy supply mode and consumption patterns, teaming up with individuals and cooperatives in identifying, financing or operating a series of green projects or engaging citizens in the local planning of energy infrastructure and policies.

In this session, we will be hearing from 2 city examples from Belgium and Croatia: the city of Eeklo and the city of Krizevci.


Dowload the full agenda here