In the PATH2LC project public authorities are working together within the framework of a holistic network approach (so called learning municipality networks) with the aim to achieve low-carbon municipalities.

The core of the project activities are the SE(C)APs - Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plans, or similar climate protection plans developed by the municipalities. The PATH2LC project will foster exchange of existing knowledge and experiences among municipalities, enhance coordination among different administrative bodies within the municipalities, improve cooperation with local stakeholders and civil society and will equip stakeholders in public authorities with required planning and monitoring tools to develop and implement transition roadmaps for achieving the targets set in the SE(C)APs.

A holistic network approach...


The holistic network approach intends to link stakeholders in public authorities among municipalities enabling peer-to-peer learning and to increase the engagement for the energy and climate transition. Policy makers and public authorities at local level are supported with scientific analysis and expertise in order to understand and implement their SE(C)AP measures.

Five existing networks of municipalities in Italy, Greece, Portugal, the Netherlands and France are participating in the project.

A special interest of the project is to invite other municipalities to replicate the learning municipality network approach and take advantage of the knowledge base collected in the project.


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Getting in touch with the networks
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15 décembre 2021 -

The first year of the project provided an opportunity to promote mutual understanding. The project team wanted to understand how to best support municipalities in the implementation of their SECAP measures. The municipalities wanted to understand what the project is about and how they could benefit from the “Learning Municipality Network” approach.

PATH2LC's ONLINE TALK #3 : The Local Climate Pact
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25 octobre 2021 -

Local Climate Pact : How local authorities create their own COP21 ?

P2P Session #1 : Organising and facilitating the local transition
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25 octobre 2021 -

Organising and facilitating the local transition through multi-actor engagement processes in cities

PATH2LC's ONLINE TALK #2 : Cities going circular
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11 octobre 2021 -

Cities going circular: the role of local authorities in avoiding, preventing and reducing the consumption of resources