Knowledge Platform for Citizen Engagement

Organizing Engagement is an online publication dedicated to advancing knowledge, understanding, and practice at the intersection of education organizing, engagement, and equity. Our website collects ideas, models, strategies, policies, and research, and then shares them in the form of introductions, interviews, profiles, and other content. Our target group are local leaders, organizers, and practitioners, as well as the many others working in partnership and solidarity with them.

Organizing Engagement is an information-organizing project, and our purpose is to connect people to important ideas or resources they might not have encountered otherwise, while also making those ideas and resources more accessible to busy practitioners who may not have the time to track down valuable work scattered across innumerable websites, books, articles, and reports. We also want to recognize some of the leaders, thinkers, organizers, and practitioners who are making invaluable contributions in their fields by providing a forum that allows them to speak about their work and what they’ve learned over the years. Our interviews feature a diversity of voices on education organizing, engagement, and equity sharing their journeys, insights, and wisdom in their own words. While some people see organizing, engagement, and equity as distinct fields, Organizing Engagement brings together ideas and insights from all three domains of knowledge and practice. We believe that researchers, educators, organizers, families, and community members can and should all learn from one another, and that shared knowledge and mutual understanding is the bedrock of successful partnerships. When we make an effort to understand others, it helps us understand ourselves. Organizing Engagement publishes introductions to a variety of models, policies, and approaches that share similar goals and values, but it’s important to keep in mind that the work of organizing, engagement, and equity is extraordinarily complex and nuanced. A strategy that works in one school or community may not work in another, and our resources should be seen as starting points for strategic thinking or as tools for ongoing dialogue in teams, organizations, and communities. Our resources are not intended to be comprehensive guides to the specific actions that should be taken in any given school, organization, or community. We are also aware that a website can only do so much and that no resource or project will be able to serve every purpose or satisfy every need. The real work of education organizing, engagement, and equity happens in communities across the country every day, and in the many partnerships, alliances, and coalitions that organize to support them. Achieving true educational equity will require the dedicated commitment of millions, and Organizing Engagement aims only to make one contribution to the cause among many. Open Sourcing: With the exception of interviews, our resources are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license that allows others to freely reuse and modify our content under certain conditions.